Every conversation matters.
Learn from them.

Make smarter decisions by unlocking access to all of your customer conversations. Capture what your customers are saying and feeling with real-time insights and trends that let you manage and predict your business through stronger customer engagement, increased sales, reduced churn, and better products.


How TalkIQ can help you today

Our user-friendly dashboard synthesizes your customer conversations and provides concrete recommendations based upon customer intent and the trends we’re seeing throughout your organization.


The AI-ce up
your sleeve

Our best in class speech recognition (ASR) combined with proprietary AI and NLP frameworks unlocks insights, provides recommendations, and predicts call outcomes in real-time. Understand and react to your customers like never before.


All for one and one for all

Whether you’re a CEO, support lead, or a sales rep, TalkIQ is the real-time voice analytics solution your entire business can use to identify, learn from, and share customer insights.


Raise the bar, not the volume

Better business means listening to all of your customers, not just the loudest ones.

The Harmony of Happier Customers

We calculate customer satisfaction across 100% of your calls by identifying positive and negative intent signals in client conversations. Use our sentiment mapping to understand how customers are talking about your product, service, and competition.

Orchestrating Real-time Actionable Insights for Your A-Team

TalkIQ guides your reps through conversations as they happen, suggesting the best responses to customer questions, issues, and objections. And by “real time,” we mean instantly. In the moment, as it happens.

Resounding Revenue

We combine AI with natural language processing and machine learning to help you better manage your business, identify trends, and predict outcomes leading to increased revenue and customer retention.

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