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TalkIQ analyzes customer conversations and reveals trends in how your external-facing teams operate. Our AI-powered analysis helps you make smarter decisions, increase revenue, improve customer engagement, and build better products.

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The AI-ce Up Your Sleeve

Our best in class automatic speech recognition (ASR), proprietary AI, and natural language processing (NLP) frameworks reveal hidden trends, recommend actions, and predict call outcomes in realtime, live, during the conversation.

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All for One and One for All

Whether you’re CEO, support lead, or sales rep, TalkIQ is the realtime voice analytics solution you need to identify, learn from, and act on customer insights.

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Raise the Bar, Not the Volume

Better business means listening to all of your customers, not just the loudest ones.

Happier Customers

We identify positive and negative intent signals in client conversations and calculate customer satisfaction scores for 100% of your calls. Use our sentiment mapping to understand how customers are talking about your product, service, and competition.

Real-time Insights

TalkIQ guides your reps through conversations as they happen, suggesting the best responses to customer questions, issues, and objections. And by "real time" we mean instantly. In the moment, as it happens.

Resounding Revenue

By identifying previously hidden purchase intent signals and predicting opportunity outcomes, TalkIQ helps focus your customer-facing teams. The sales team can close more deals by concentrating on their highest potential prospects and customer support can increase retention by giving at-risk customers a little extra attention.

Let our AI get your sales and support teams on the A-List!

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