Uncover Critical Insights Within Your Phone Conversations

TalkIQ's Call-Content Analytics provides you with actionable & accessible insights on ALL of your calls

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Customer Insights

Extract the customer and market insights you need to maximize sales

Sales Coaching

Proactively surfaces coachable calls and areas for sales rep improvement

Customer Service

Best-in-class service is proactive - track trends in topics, questions, and issues


Track disclosure & compliance fulfillment on every call by every caller


Quickly surface the specific call or set of call transcripts that you need to find


Education, Insurance, Collections, Telecom, Pharma, & more - let's talk

Getting Started with TalkIQ

TalkIQ enables you to take action based on events and trends that are happening on your phone calls.

Seamless Integration

  • Zero-disruption & seamless integration with existing phone systems
  • Easy to use interface enables you to instantly see insights and slice the data in ways most helpful for you
  • Opportunities to upgrade to custom dashboard & analytics

Best-in-class Transcription

TalkIQ instantly turns your conversations into high-accuracy transcripts, using best-in-class technology including:

  • Acoustic models
  • Natural Language Processing
  • Client‐specific deep learning models

These transcripts provide the most accurate representation of what was said on each call and are used as the basis for the actionable insights and analytics we deliver to you.