Analytics. Answers.

Don’t dig through hours of customer calls to find the needle in the haystack. TalkIQ proactively surfaces the most important trends and customer sentiments from an aggregate of customer conversations.


Happier customers, demystified.

Real-time resolution.

Our tools identify every objection, indicator of purchase intent, and insight into customer motivation that may arise during a call. Immediately know what’s happening and how to handle it without missing a beat.

Productive conversations.

Customer conversations are filled with data that should guide product development and help marketing position products and features to customers more effectively. Stated simply -- TalkIQ helps guide what to build and how to talk about it.

Build A-Teams with actionable insights.

Our coaching and measurement tools allow you to identify and share the most successful tactics and hone your team’s process. We help you build expert teams that deliver better customer experiences.

Leave no insight behind.

Effortlessly capture, analyze, and share every call - no need to hound reps to update your CRM. Our platform scales to compile a training library of your team’s best techniques and responses, allowing you to create better customer scripts and optimize your customer experience.

Clear forecasts.

Better analysis of the patterns and anomalies in sales means better business. Our predictive insights help reduce churn, boost close rates, and enhance your ability to accurately forecast your business.

Keystroke of fortune.

Where no call has gone before.

Throw away that glorified tape recorder. Our proprietary AI technology can predict the outcomes of your calls and guide you towards achieving better sales, reduced churn, and higher customer satisfaction.

Accurate transcriptions. Naturally.

Our speech recognition technology provides transcriptions you can trust. We combined it with natural language processing for text analysis, yielding an industry-low 8.8% word error rate — more accurate than Google and IBM Watson.

Productive conversations.

Customer conversations are full of stories of real user experiences that can guide product research beyond the sandbox and into the field, letting you anticipate and develop new features or offerings ahead of the game.

The hottest thing in cold calls.

Improve your entire call process with aggregate
insights and actionable predictions.