Why Words Still Matter—Or How To Make Great Sales

In sales, “more” and “better” are not mutually exclusive. We show you how to get more deals with less dials.
Lina Eroh

It’s 2015 and some say reading is dying.

They say the same thing about writing in full sentences. And having meaningful conversations, whether on the phone or face to face.

Yet in the world of sales, the last of these is still a very important thing. You could argue that it’s the most important thing. But what’s been done to make these conversations better?

When we set out in 2014 to create a better tool for inside sales teams, we realized that there were a lot of companies out there focused on more. More calls. More emails. More connections.

But none of those companies focused on better. More without better doesn’t help you meet your quota. To be fair, neither does better without more.

That’s where we come in. TalkIQ believes conversations matter as much as dials. So we developed a solution that integrates the two, making it simple for inside sales reps to not just call more leads, but to learn more from their calls. More calls. Better calls. That’s how you make great sales.

Recent technological advances in speech recognition and language processing have helped us build a product with unprecedented accuracy and power. Our best-in-class telephony stack, which we developed from scratch, offers pin-drop call clarity and control. We use proprietary, neural-network-based speech recognition software to build custom models that optimize voice-to-text transcription for every client. We then apply Natural Language Processing (NLP) and deep learning algorithms to find the patterns that drive sales.

Forget about calling your mom or setting an alarm! TalkIQ’s proprietary Conversation Science™ solution lets you see if you’re doing too much talking, analyzes the sentiment of each call you have, and helps you stay away from filler words such as “umm” and “like.” How cool is that? (Have additional analytics or feature ideas? Let us know in the comments!)

Until now, the only way for sales managers to really know and understand what a sales rep was saying was to listen in on the call. That’s really time consuming, and who has the time? Plus, it’s a qualitative analysis that takes a lot of effort and focus.

Luckily for us, we read a lot faster than we listen or talk. In fact, it would have taken almost 3 minutes of me talking for you to get to this part of the post! The same is true of sales conversations. You can read a transcript of a call a lot faster than you can listen to the conversation live—and you can do it on your own time. Plus, an automatically generated transcript of both sides of the conversation erases the need for notes, and gives you real insight into what was said if the notes that do exist aren’t clear.

Through our one-click dialer and voice-driven analytics and transcripts, we’re squarely in the business of helping inside sales teams make great sales, with more predictability and frequency than ever before. There’s always been a lot of data in your conversations, but until now, unearthing insights and structuring them into digestible and actionable to-dos has been near impossible.

We’re proud to have built an inside sales software unlike anything out there and we can’t wait to show it off. We’re currently accepting customers by invitation only, but are happy to share sneak peeks and add you to our waiting list. Drop us a line at info@talkiq.com and we’ll schedule something soon! (We’re also hiring engineers, sales people, and data scientists if that’s your thing.)