Why Ignoring the Script Kills Your Quota

Scripts. You spend a ton of time writing them, but do your reps use them? And more importantly, do they work?
Lina Eroh

Scripts. You spend a ton of time writing them, but do your reps use them? And more importantly, do they work?

A few weeks ago, we wrote a post about the negative impact of filler words. Today, we wanted to find out whether keywords–the words managers think are most important in a script–actually make a difference.

What if you could accelerate a sale simply by saying the right words at the right time? That’s what we hoped to find out.

We took at look at a few thousand calls from one organization and searched for the 10 keywords they thought were most important. What did we find?

Less than five percent of calls used five or more keywords.

Around 50% of calls used 2-4 keywords

And… this was the shocking one: over 30% of calls didn’t use any keywords at all!

We were shocked. Sales managers spend tons of time and money developing the “perfect” script and one-third of their reps totally ignore it. The finding gave rise to a bunch of questions.

Why weren’t reps using the words in their script? Did they think the script didn’t work? Did the script actually not work?

We dove into the data to find out. We did a similar analysis to the one we conducted for filler words, looking at keyword use in the first 30 seconds of short calls versus long calls.

What did we discover? Calls lasted longer when keywords were used in the first 30 seconds. In fact, there were 55% more keywords used in the first 30 seconds of long calls than short calls!

One keyword in particular made a huge difference–it was used 133% more at the beginning of calls that ended up lasting than those that failed.

The conclusion? Use more keywords, have longer calls!

That was awesome to see, although it made the management team of this one company a bit uncomfortable. After all, 30% of their reps were not using the script, despite it seemingly working.

So they asked us to look at call progression. In other words, even though more keywords meant longer calls, did using keywords actually lead to won deals?

The answer is YES! When we did the analysis, we discovered that using keywords increases the chance of a won deal by 3X! In fact, 60% of calls that used keywords ended up winning the deal. That’s agood bet to make.

It’s not crazy to want to optimize and test your scripts. In fact, TalkIQ can help you do that by A/B testing results from one script to another. But what is crazy is allowing your sales reps to not use a script at all.

Why? Because keywords help reps keep prospects on the phone, which helps them win deals.

So next time your reps make cold calls, make sure they get your value proposition in in the first 30 seconds. Then see if it makes a difference. We bet you it will.

As always, if you want an easier way to monitor and improve the quality of sales conversations, sign up for a free trial of TalkIQ! Our Conversation Science™ analytics will put all this data in the palm of your hand.