Our 10 Favorite Sales Industry Blogs

Here are 10 of our favorite sales blogs to add to your daily reading of all things 'sales'!
Alexandra Kane

Blogs are increasingly becoming the go-to destination for keeping up with current news and trends. This certainly applies for the sales world as well! As technology transforms our industry, it’s difficult for books and publications to keep up with the latest information. Here are 10 of our favorite sales blogs to add to your daily reading of all things “sales!”


Yesware is a sales-acceleration platform that caters to the sales rep–not the sales manager. Its blog reflects its audience, with great reads about email marketing, cold pitches, sales tips and tricks, and personalized stories of Yesware’s own journey. A comprehensive yet digestible blog, Yesware’s blog is a great morning read to start a busy sales day!

Inside Sales Experts by The Bridge Group

The Bridge Group is a team of highly skilled sales consultants with deep B2B experience. Their blog is aimed more at the manager and offers a big picture look at current trends in the sales industry. Whether you’re interested in developing a comp structure for your SDRs or building out your team, The Bridge Group is there to show you the way.

Harvard Business Review - Sales Blog

Few names are as respected in the business world as the Harvard Business Review. Their blog covers all areas of business, from marketing to entrepreneurship, but their sales section is surprisingly rich. With more breadth than just inside sales, HBR’s blog is a great stop to keep your finger on the pulse of the industry in general.

Executive Board Sales Blog

The Executive Board (CEB) is a thought leader on a variety of business topics. Its Sales & Service blog provides great insights into the industry’s best practices and appeals to professionals of all levels. It’s designed to be highly readable and is penned by some of the industry’s most seasoned experts.

Blog - Predictable Revenue

Predictable Revenue is a best selling book by Aaron Ross that aims to help sales teams double, or even triple, their revenue. Using frameworks penned at Salesforce, Aaron now blogs about hot button topics in the sales industry. By using case studies, personal history, and deep industry expertise, Aaron’s blog is a great read whether you’re just starting out, or scaling a large sales organization.

HubSpot Sales

Hubspot is a market leader in inbound marketing automation and their blog clearly reflects their authority in the space! We love their sales blog because it’s fun, incredibly relevant, and useful across multiple areas. They have everything from tips on your LinkedIn profile, to crafting cold emails, to managing a growing sales org. From strategy to tactics, Hubspot Sales blog has you covered!

LinkedIn Sales

As the industry evolves, it’s clear LinkedIn has become a major hub for all things sales. Their Sales Solutions Blog strikes a great balance between highlighting tips and tricks for using their own tool, as well as their observations on best practices in the industry as a whole. Nearly every sales professional uses LinkedIn, and it’s definitely worth checking out what they have to say!


SalesHacker is an up and coming resource for B2B sales professionals of all types. The organization leads webinars, meetups, and conferences all designed to equip B2B companies and reps with the latest industry learnings. The SalesHacker blog is a rich resource for everyone from a new SDR all the way up to seasoned sales directors.

RAIN Selling Blog

The RAIN Group is large sales consultancy run by industry vets. They provide customized coaching and training, as well as consulting. Thier blog is a great one-stop shop that not only addresses the industry itself, but also provides more in depth resources and tips for managers on topics such as management, coaching, and strategy. A bit more traditional, but still a very useful read!

SalesLoft Blog

SalesLoft is a handy prospecting and sales automation tool and, on the side, they produce a great blog filled with tons of relevant sales content, including posts from their own sales professionals! Our favorite section is the infographics. They create visually stunning, simple to understand infographics that make great training tools for new hires or day-to-day research and learning.

Those are our 10 favorite sales blogs! Do you read a sales blog we left off the list? Let us know in the comments!