Hello from the TalkIQ Team!

How to turn the “art of sales” into the “science of sales” - introducing TalkIQ and Conversation Science™.
Lina Eroh

Hi there - and welcome to our blog. This will be the home of our rants, our discoveries, our inspirations, and some excellent guest posts from people we truly respect. But first, let’s talk about TalkIQ.

We started this company with the goal of providing every salesperson the tools necessary to make great sales. We want them to feel prepared, armed, eager, ready, and, most importantly, successful. And to do that we’re focusing on an area of sales that hasn’t yet been changed by technology: the conversation. There’s arguably no more important thing in sales than the words salespeople say to prospects, yet prior to TalkIQ, there was no way to use technology to improve conversations and help salespeople close more deals.

We’ve spent months researching, building, testing, and refining the technology behind TalkIQ, something we call Conversation Science™. It was a huge task, but we’re happy to say we’ve delivered. TalkIQ is a simple and integrated sales solution that enables your sales organization to turn the “art of sales” into the “science of sales”. There’s nothing else like it.

For the first time, your training scripts are informed by real-time data, automatically generated from your team’s calls. Your objection handling is not a matter of gut, but a matter of numbers. Your responses to competitive questions aren’t improvised, but based on historical data. And your pitch is airtight.

How can we possibly do this? We’re data scientists for your conversations. By analyzing sales conversations, we unearth patterns and data that helps you win more deals and sell smarter and more efficiently. We give you the keys and tools to not only find (and replicate) your sales rock stars, but to coach all reps to perform to their potential.

To be fair, at this point we’re just scratching the surface. Yet customers are already being smarter about the messaging they use, the features they pitch, and the competitors they’re prepared to talk to at an earlier stage in the process. Sales reps using TalkIQ are more self-aware about how much they talk versus listen, about using filler words like “um” and “uh,” and about asking questions before selling the product. Understanding these things drives sales.

It all comes back to our vision. We believe every salesperson can make great sales, and every sales manager can help them get there. Be it in the prospecting, qualification, or demo phase, conversations are the building blocks upon which sales are built. And we’re here to make them better.

Does this sound interesting? If so, give us a shout. Whether you’re looking to demo the product or join the team, we’d love to hear from you. We’re always in the market for kickass engineers, data scientists, and salespeople–and companies interested in cutting edge sales acceleration software. Send us a note at info@talkiq.com.

Thanks for reading.