Accuvit Is Now TalkIQ!

Accuvit becomes TalkIQ! Here's why we made the change.
Lina Eroh

Welcome to our new website, new name, and new logo! We’ve been working on the changeover over the past several months and are excited to finally reveal it to all of you today.

So what’s different?

You can probably already tell that our website is lighter and fresher than before. Our color scheme is friendlier without sacrificing professionalism, and serious without being overbearing. We’ve gone from four different shades of blue to one, because simplicity rocks. We’ve also lightened the look of the site because who wants to be known as dark and broody?

Our new name–TalkIQ–is easy to say, spell, and understand. It also lets you quickly understand, at a high level, what it is we do here.

And our logo and mark are streamlined, and perhaps more importantly, meaningful. We decided to leave the “Q” mark off the logo itself in order to keep things simple, but we’ll be using the mark on communication and design elements as TalkIQ expands. If you don’t notice it at first glance, you’ll quickly realize that our “Q” is actually two speech bubbles talking to each other. The bubbles are contained within a soft square, actively “capturing” the content of the conversation.

So why the change?

It’s pretty simple. The name “Accuvit” was difficult for our customers to say and spell, and it didn’t clearly communicate the core values of our brand: bringing data intelligence to conversations.

We think TalkIQ accomplishes that perfectly. The name is deceivingly simple, but it summarizes the most important aspects of our company: we bring intelligence to your reps’ conversations, making each of their calls more effective than before.

All the important things stay the same. We’re still focusing our efforts on an area of sales that hasn’t yet been changed by technology: the conversation. We still think that there’s no more important thing in sales than the words salespeople say to prospects. And we still believe that we can use technology to improve conversations and help salespeople close more deals.

TalkIQ begins with an easy to use one-click dialer. From there, our voice‐to‐text transcription engine generates a real‐time transcript of each conversation, meaning no more lost notes or insights. Then our proprietary Conversation Science™ algorithms go to work, analyzing everything from the words in your script to the cadence of the speech.

What you end up with is a simple and integrated sales solution that enables your sales organization to turn the “art of sales” into the “science of sales.” There’s nothing else like it.

For the first time, your objection handling is not a matter of gut, but a matter of numbers. Your responses to competitive questions aren’t improvised, but based on historical data. And your pitch is airtight.

How can we possibly do this? We’re conversation scientists. By analyzing sales conversations, we unearth patterns and data that help you win more deals and sell smarter. We give you the keys and tools to not only find (and replicate) your sales rock stars, but to coach all reps to perform to their potential.

At this point, we’re just scratching the surface. Yet customers are already being smarter about the messaging they use, the features they pitch, and the competitors they encounter. Sales reps using TalkIQ are more self-aware about how much they talk versus listen, about the features that drive the deal, and about asking questions before putting on the hard sell.

It all comes back to our vision. We believe every sales rep can be awesome, and every sales manager can help them get there. Be it in the prospecting, qualification, or demo phase, conversations are the building blocks upon which sales are built.

We’re here to make them better.

- Team TalkIQ